Prepare wedding photo books – during the wedding

1. Trust your photographer!

The wedding day is on and quite honestly, you certainly have better things to do than think about the upcoming photo book all day. Since you have already discussed everything important with the photographer, forget your remembrance project for one day and enjoy the celebration and the attention to the fullest. A problem that has surfaced in the last few years through the whole social networking is that you are forgetting to live and to enjoy with a lot of photography and sharing. Do not make this mistake particularly on this day. Trust your photographer and forget the topic of wedding photography for a short time.

Create wedding photo books – after the wedding

2. Find a matching photobuch provider!

If you want to take advantage of a familiar photo book provider for your large project, this has the advantage that you are familiar with the software, you know the possibilities and limits. You also know the quality. However, if you choose a new service provider, you may benefit from lucrative new customer vouchers. Especially with thick picture books, percent discounts are particularly worthwhile. Think about what is more important to you. If you want a special cover, such as a heart window or a special material such as felt or leather, some vendors automatically fall away. Our price comparison can help you make the decision.