Profit tips for wedding photo albums Part 2

The main attention at a wedding is on the bride. So be sure to be near the bride before, during, and after the ceremony. Do not let them out of your sight – especially if you want to sell the photos afterwards, because the bride brings (most directly or indirectly) the most money. Make them the star of the photos.
Formalities: Whom you should first take photographs

After the wedding, you will probably take the formal photos – bride and groom together with various relatives. The hard part is to have the people on site when you need them. This can take 30 minutes but also up to three hours – that’s up to you and how organized you are.

Here is a tip to help you speed things up: Give everyone you need right from the start. When all have taken their place, first take the formal portraits of the bride and groom (you’ll see why). If this is done, photograph the largest group photographs (family photos). Then the smaller groups you can send to celebrate (for example the Grandparents). So start with all the people and send them the ones that you do not need anymore until the wedding party is left.

If you do not do this, it can happen quickly that you have to wait a few persons very long. The bride and groom should be the first to photograph because both are expected to be at the celebration and the pressure on them grows as time passes. So make it no harder than absolutely necessary – start big (with all participants) and gradually reduce the group.